Observations and advice on navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.


Social Media's Poison Pill

Are TikTok-like algorithmic feeds the death knell of social media giants? If so, what will emerge from their ruins?

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Are we in the 1950s of the smartphone era?

Consequences are emerging from unchecked smartphone usage, unregulated access to and exploitation of developing minds. Could smartphones eventually come with their own version of the surgeon general’s warning?

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It's open mic night on the Internet stage

Accepting his Mark Twain Prize, Jon Stewart discussed how he got his start in comedy at the Comedy Cellar, and I couldn’t help but compare the platform that comedy club provided and the platform (and opportunity) that the Internet provides.

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Myspace accidentally inspired a generation of teenagers to learn how to code

Raise your hand if your current career path was unknowingly influenced by the hours you spent trying to make your Myspace page the ultimate, unique expression of you, your interests, and your personal taste.

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